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Focused on Building Your Legacy

What does “financial security” mean to you?

No matter how you define it, most everyone wants to experience it. But only a fraction are able to live it.

We want to change that.

If you want to…

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Feel confident, no matter
what the market does

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Know you can weather
major expenses comfortably

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Maintain a standard of living for
your family, generations from now

Then our partnership is something you might want to explore.
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Our Mission Is This:

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To help create legacy wealth that enriches experiences for extended families in the Clarks Summit area. And we believe our skills can do the same for you.

Long-Term Planning Enhanced By Longevity

Experience matters in every profession, especially when your wealth is involved.

During the last 40 years, our team has experienced — firsthand —almost every kind of market tumult and triumph:

  • Black Monday
  • The “Dot Com” Crash
  • The Great Recession
  • An almost unprecedented bull run
  • Hyper-volatile market conditions

We’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons during those events. But we believe they have only made us more qualified and capable to create the type of in-depth plan that accounts for unforeseen variables. One that looks multiple steps ahead. But above all, one that helps you live the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

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Who We Help

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We help many investors with different backgrounds, ages and goals, including professionals and retirees.

However, we consider ourselves specialists in helping create lasting dynasties of wealth for the extended families of all our clients. We feel that perpetuating what you’ve built is a noble responsibility, one we will gladly shoulder if that’s a goal you wish to pursue.

What You Can Expect

To best serve you and your intentions, we will:

Collaborate to propose what we believe is your ideal path forward, because great ideas rarely happen in isolation.

Be open and honest with our reasoning, because you deserve to know how we think.

Communicate when we feel your plan should be updated or revisited, because your success is paramount.

Our Investment Philosophy

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Many financial advisors will create a portfolio that holds a collection of investments, such as mutual funds or ETFs. And many investors find that appropriate.

However, we prefer to focus on individual equities because we believe there is potential for outsized gains, as we carefully follow indicators signaling when to enter or exit positions. While this is an unconventional approach, we believe it’s validated by the number of clients and amount of wealth we manage.

The Financial Solutions We Provide

planning icon Pre-retirement planning, including projections of
target goals and the best path forward
planning icon Equity portfolio management with tax-sensitivity,
growth and preservation in mind
strategy icon Retirement income strategies, such as withdrawal
sequencing, when to claim benefits and more.
review icon Outside portfolio review to recommend
opportunities and potential improvements.




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Create A Professional Legacy
As A Financial Advisor

Are you an advisor yearning for more independence?

Do you realize you have more to learn or want to be mentored by someone who is calm, caring and experienced?

Eastburn Wealth Management will gladly talk to anyone who wants to take a step forward in their professional lives, while helping make a big difference for those we proudly work for.

Explore Your Opportunities

We can’t wait to prove how we can help each of your aspirations, personal or professional.