Holistic Financial Solutions Motivated by Your Whole Well-Being

What Makes You, You?


It’s your experiences, likes and dislikes, your upbringing.
And just like many elements make up who you are,
the same can be said of tailoring an investment plan to serve you now and generations later.

WF_icons_100x100-investments2.png  Investments

WF_icons_100x100-saving2.png    Saving

WF_icons_100x100-long-term.png  Long-term thinking

That’s why The Princeton Group specializes in multiple financial areas—because real financial confidence comes when your wealth is cared for from multiple angles.
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Savings and Retirement

In an ideal world, every dollar you invest now would grow—perhaps significantly—in the next seven years (depending on your investments and risk tolerance).

In our opinion, saving as much as possible—as early as possible—is essential to building a solid financial foundation.


How We Can Help:

We can help you budget and prepare cash flow models to help you accumulate wealth as you work towards retirement.

And if you are retired, we can advise on pension disbursements, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), stock option grants and structured income plans to help you enjoy that golden stage of life to the fullest.
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Funding Education

Higher education degrees typically lead to higher salaries.

But those degrees often come with a high price tag that can saddle graduates with a burden that can last decades.


How We Can Help:

We can identify right-sized tax-advantaged investments that can allow your investments to gain value while also reducing your tax burden—not to mention giving your children or grandchildren a head start into adulthood.
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Preserving Your Wealth

If you don’t decide what happens to your money when you’re gone, the State will…and you might not like the end result.

That’s why you should start thinking ahead now: To ensure your wishes about your wealth and how it’s distributed are honored.


How We Can Help:

  • We can title your assets and designate your beneficiaries correctly, as these override what’s listed in a will or trust.
  • We can work with your CPA and attorney to minimize any taxes your estate might owe upon your death, which can preserve more of your assets for your heirs.
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Giving to the Future

No matter how much wealth you have, you won’t be able to take it with you. That’s why many of our clients want to support and grow the causes or companies that hold meaning to them.


How We Can Help:

Through Donor Advised Funds, qualified charitable distributions and other vehicles, we can use tax-smart strategies for your wealth to leave a lasting impression.
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Minimizing Taxes

Income tax. Estate tax. Property tax. The list goes on and on. While you may not enjoy paying taxes, it’s still a necessity—but it doesn’t have to be a burden.


How We Can Help:

We can reduce what you owe—legally—through tax-efficient portfolio construction, managing capital gains and losses, tax harvesting and more to minimize your tax exposure, which means you’ll have more left to pursue other opportunities.
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Proper Insurance

Very few people have the wealth to withstand a long-term debilitating injury. And even if they had that wealth, preventing irreparable financial harm can be cheaper—and easier— simply by signing a piece of paper.


How We Can Help:

We’ll review your existing insurance policies (if you have any) and provide our recommendations along with a plan to help you adequately manage any serious illness, injury or disability.
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Financing Your Goals

Whether you’re buying a starter home or starting your own business, you might need a sizeable sum of capital to make it happen.


How We Can Help:

Our Wells Fargo affiliates can provide mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), securities-based lines of credit and other lending options to provide the needed funding to help achieve a major life-happening.

Is there a specific part of your life that needs dedicated financial guidance?


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