Shaun Small

Shaun Small

    • Senior Financial Advisor

    To say Shaun’s career has been molded by his experience working with prominent figures in public policy, economics and law would be an understatement.

    Shaun was inspired by Nobel Laureates in Economics, such as Robert Mundel and James Buchanan. He was mentored by public policy thought leaders such as Jack Kemp and Bill Bennett. And he was educated by law and economic scholars such as Richard Ippolito and Francesco Parisi. 

    Though he no longer practices law, Shaun served as a former lawyer-economist for influential organizations. He was also a Capitol Hill legislative counsel for House of Representatives Policy Committee Chairman, Congressman John Shaddegg. That means Shaun has an exceptional understanding of the financial forces, both macro and micro, that affect our lives every day—and he uses that to his clients’ advantage.

    A Hybrid Approach

    Modeling of portfolios is both an interest and a specialty of Shaun’s. While index investing can generate solid results, Shaun prefers considering multiple factors, from historical valuations and growth potential to macroeconomic developments and global economic forces.

    He believes this fusion of sensible and strategic thinking distinguishes him from his peers.

    Earning Trust

    It doesn’t matter if you have $10 or $10 million to invest; Shaun will strive to earn 100% of your trust.

    That’s because his clients, which include business owners as well as high net worth individuals and families, don’t have unlimited time to recoup dramatic losses. He’s seen lives altered by imprudent investments that don’t align with one’s true risk tolerance. You can expect him to gain your hard-earned respect with every investment decision he makes.

    Outside the Office

    Shaun is a happy family man, cheering on his sons at their youth hockey games or giving his daughter a standing ovation at her ballet recitals.
    He and his wife, who met on their first day of law school, live in Collegeville, PA with their four children and their dog, Einstein.

    CA Insurance License Number 0J22152. Resident State PA