Donna Sabb

Donna Sabb

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    Every life has a turning point, often at a most unexpected time and way.  Donna’s happened in 2008.

    The Bernie Madoff scandal and the Great Recession converged, presenting her a choice: To leave her fate to the turbulent economy or bet on the skills she built at Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney.

    Of course, she chose the latter without flinching.

    Donna and her husband Tim, founded The Princeton Group in March 2009. It was to be either the best of times or the worst for the newly minted Financial Services Practice.

    All Work Is Honorable

    Before her career in financial services, Donna was a social worker. A housekeeper for Mrs. Johnson. A line worker at Ford Motor. At every turn, Donna was driven to create opportunity in her career.

    Today, 36 years later, she continues to work just as diligently for her clients.  She is a seasoned financial services professional with broad experience in investment planning and developing personal and collaborative client relationships. As a business owner, Donna believes in effective management and team building with visionary leadership, collective goal sharing and stimulating coaching. Donna has the creative ability to develop customized plans to provide both individual results while building a cohesive team environment. She is tenacious in mentoring the women of The Princeton Group (currently 32% of the Practice) and resolute in promoting leadership skills in the Practice’s second generation.

    Donna believes all work is honorable. Her hard-won success taught her that every dollar entrusted to her represents hours of work, saving and budgeting. Her mission as a trusted Financial Advisor is to help each family achieve their goals and pursue happiness. Her belief in investment planning and helping guide sound financial decisions are the foundation of a trustworthy relationship.  Loyalty is earned by treating people well.

    Financial Inclusion

    Donna’s fosters all of her clients’ financial health and well-being. However, her lifelong mission is to bring more female advisors to the financial services industry, helping women own their financial independence as Advisors and dispel the unfounded etiquette of money silence among women.

    Black Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

    This “Jersey Girl” splits her time between Philadelpia and Colorado. She loves paddle boarding, hiking the beautiful Rocky Mountains and skiing the Black Diamonds in Breckenridge, CO.