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Don Cornagie

Don Cornagie

    • Managing Director

    Don didn’t mean to, but he fell into his career backwards.

    When an injury forced him to retire as a Naval Aviator, he started serving people in a different way: Financially.

    Along the way, he’s worked as a branch manager, regional sales manager and a management training advisor for industry giants like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

    But he’s his happiest as a financial advisor.

    The title might be less glamorous, but Don knows the role he plays in his clients’ financial wellbeing carries massive importance.

    Easy Job. Hard Work.

    Don will tell you his job is easy. Literally everyone—no matter their net worth or the amount of investible assets—could use advice when it comes to making sensible, realistic investment plans.

    Don will also tell you his work that goes into creating and managing those investment strategies is complex and carries with it a massive responsibility.

    Dialogue Before Doing

    Don’s experience in the armed forces made planning the foundation in his approach. But before he creates a plan, he listens to what his clients say—intelligently.

    It’s how he can uncover insights about their financial situation to provide his trademark financial counseling based on what they have now—and what they want to happen in the future. He strives to help create that balance between emotion and strategy as clients maneuver through life’s events.

    Outside the Office

    Don’s a workhorse, so it makes sense he’s also an amateur equestrian. He owns several (too many) competition level P.R.E. (Andalusian) dressage horses.

    He’s happily married to Wendy and the proud father of three (almost) adult children.