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Why do you invest?

Likely, it’s so you feel more certain about today and more confident about all of your tomorrows to come. Investing is not just about growing or preserving your wealth. Investing is also about building confidence. And confidence can help transform a good wealth manager into a great one.

In my 40+ years of experience, I have yet to shy away from an investing challenge. On the contrary, I frequently help my clients overcome them. I believe in my skills and my predisposition to analytical thinking helps provide nuanced wealth management in Yardley, Pennsylvania and beyond.
Orlando Maldonado

Orlando Maldonado

  • CFP
  • CIMA
  • Wealth Advisor

What You Will Experience

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Simply put, results matter. My clients hire me for one of two reasons:

• To do what they can’t do

• To take care what they don’t want to do

While no one can guarantee to outperform the market, I take pride in taking an analytical approach to help deliver results that make my clients feel more confident. My aim is to make the simplest, yet most effective, wealth plan within your risk tolerance that is most likely to succeed.

To achieve this, each plan we agree to implement will be based on:

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Knowledge and learnings synthesized from
differing perspectives and publications

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Due diligence to fully comprehend
best and worst case outcomes

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Thorough research and attention to detail

My tenacity has earned the respect of clients and outside professionals, including attorneys and CPAs alike.

Let’s Meet

Is This You?

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shares or a complex compensation package
briefcase icon An entrepreneur or small business owner
who wants to optimize cash flow and capital
affluent icon A member of an ultra-high networth family interested in
growing and preserving your wealth for generations
cpa icon A CPA, attorney or other essential center of influence 
in need of financial guidance for your clients

I have the track record and tools to make a potentially significant impact on your wealth’s trajectory.

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My Process

First, I conduct extensive data gathering to learn everything possible about you and your specific situation, including:

  • Income and expenses
  • Liabilities
  • Current insurance coverage
  • Retirement contributions as percentage of gross pay
  • Expense ratios and other holding factors
  • Most importantly, what you want to achieve by working together

This initial conversation is absolutely foundational to everything that follows, because the more I know, the more precise your proposed plan will be.

Next, I use the findings to establish a budget and determine a liquid reserve dollar sum. The proposed amounts will help inform your proposed portfolio.

At the same time, I’ll identify your specific risk tolerance to see how you balance growth and volatility.

Everything culminates in a plan that is as precise as can be based upon our findings during our conversations. A minimum of one formal annual review will take place to compare performance against desired progress.

Wealth Management Services Include:

Retirement Planning | Income Replacement

Lending Strategies | Business Succession

Portfolio Construction and Analysis

In Case You Were Wondering…

Invicta means “unconquered” or “invincible” in Latin. While no one can predict the future, I believe my thought process helps enable clients to live a more fulfilling life than if they were to go it alone or leave things to chance.

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I welcome the chance to show that my knowledge, education and skills can help you achieve what might prove to be more difficult otherwise.

Please, contact me however is most convenient to set up an initial conversation.