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Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams

    • Vice President

    Matthew is a people’s person, through and through. He’s a natural connector with an ability to relate on a
    deeper level, almost instantly.

    To him, nothing is more powerful - or empowering - than a conversation. This is what gives people the opportunity to dream about their lives and what could be possible with proper investment planning in place. It also provides the inspiration to activate their dreams as soon as possible.

    As he’s lived in or explored more than 50 countries, Matthew is experienced in striking up meaningful conversations, no matter a person’s background.

    And with his Master’s in Financial Economics from the prestigious St. Andrews University in Scotland, he is fluent in discussing comprehensive financial guidance with a specialization in investment management and wealth preservation strategies.

    Dig Deeper

    Asking a question will only get you so far. Real information comes by following up, searching for the why behind the answer. Why someone wants to retire at a certain age. Why they want to have a certain amount of money. Or why they would consider changing careers.

    That’s why Matthew digs deeper during his discussions. He believes this is how you build open, honest lines of communication.

    Sharing Experience

    Matthew helps to attract interested Financial Advisors who may want to consider becoming part of The Princeton Group's independent financial advisory practice. As the son of two Financial Advisors and being one himself, he enjoys sharing his experience of independence with those looking for a change.

    Fishtown, Philadelphia

    Matthew and his business partner established the tenth office of The Princeton Group on Frankford Avenue, the main commercial street in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, with a mission of making wealth management more transparent, accessible, and authentic.

    Outside the Office

    Matthew loves to globetrot (Portugal is his favorite destination) and is probably choosing his next country to visit right now. He’s active in the Philadelphia community where he serves as President of the University of St. Andrews Alumni Philadelphia Chapter and Chair of the French American Chamber of Commerce Program Committee.

    CA Insurance License Number 4260761. Resident State PA